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The Little Mule Trail

Have you been wondering what the school is doing behind the Elementary?    The Lathrop Garden Club has begun a project that the Elementary students have named "The Little Mule Trail" .  This project involves growing a Butterfly, Bee, and Bluebird and Pollinator Habitat on the school property.  It will be managed and maintained by our students with the help and guidance of the Lathrop Garden Club.  They began clearing the area a couple of weeks ago and started planting some flowers and trees on the area this week with the help of some of our students.  The list of contributors is amazing and includes:  Plattsburg Quarry, Kearney Landscaping, Sam's Auto, Jim Plowman and the Antique Show Grounds, Decker Construction, Bayer, D-Tone, and many individuals.  You can follow the progress on the Lathrop Garden Club's Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=lathrop%20garden%20club